Are you working 60+ hours a week, trying to climb the corporate ladder and grow your salary, yet still coming no closer to financial independence and freedom?  Do you have student loans, credit card bills, and mortgages that you can keep up with, but not significantly pay down? Do you dream of achieving financial independence and freedom, but don’t think it’s realistic to practice the extreme frugality and cost cutting measures that many other FIRE programs advocate?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions then ExpatFIRE is for you.  My name is Don Owens and I created ExpatFIRE to share my own journey down the path less traveled to financial independence as a Job Hacking expat.  This path allowed me to instantly increase my annual savings rate by over 1000%, spend more time with family, travel the world, and even move into a larger and nicer house for free!  I know this all sounds to good to be true, and honestly, I still sometimes can’t believe it myself, but for those that are a little more adventurous and open to moving abroad then ExpatFIRE is probably for you.  Still don’t believe me, don’t worry I would be skeptical too, but click here if you want to learn more about my journey and hopefully for some of you out there this might just be the first step down your own path to financial independence.