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In this post I will share some pictures from our day trip to Stirling Castle.  We visited Stirling Castle as part of our 2-week long EID vacation trip to the UK where we also visited London, Cardiff, York, St. Andrews, Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle, and Edinburgh.  Stirling Castle is easy to reach from Edinburgh via a short train ride.  The train station lets you out at the bottom of the hill and a relatively short (~20 min) walk up the hill will take you straight into the entrance of Stirling Castle.  Along the way up to Stirling Castle make sure to stop at the Holy Rude Church and Graveyard.  

Holy Rude Church and Graveyard

The Holy Rude Church and Graveyard should not be missed when making your way up to Stirling Castle.  Inside the church you can find a plaque on the floor commemorating the crowning of King James VI, son of Mary Queen of Scots, the king of Scots in 1576.  As well as some other plaques and historical information.  The graveyard has its own unique character and history.  There is also a small hill in the back of the graveyard you can climb up to capture some excellent views of Stirling Castle in the distance.

Holy Rude Graveyard and Church
Holy Rude Graveyard
Holy Rude Graveyard and Stirling Castle
King Jmes VI Plaque
Tudor and Stewart Royal Lines Plaque

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is one of the more well maintained castles in Scotland and also has some amazing views of the countryside and the Sir William Wallice Monument (of Braveheart fame) in the distance.  Along the backside of the castle are some nice views of the cliffs and valley below, but also be careful if you are touring with small children as there are some areas that would be very dangerous for unattended children to walk along.  

Stirling Castle Royal Place and Main Gate
Stirling Castle Royal Palace and Queen Anne Garden
Wallace Monument
Sheer Drops Warning Sign
View of the backside of Stirling Castle from outer wall
Stirling Castle outer cliff walls
Panoramic View from Stirling Castle



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