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In my younger days when I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia I spent two weeks traveling up the coast of Australia with friends.  It was an amazing trip and we spent time on the Gold Coast, The Whitsunday Islands, Frasier Island, and skydived over the great barrier reef.

Gold Coast

I took this picture right before going surfing along the Gold Coast of Australia on April 15th, 2002

Surf along the Gold Coast in Australia

Skydiving the Great Barrier Reef

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take our cameras with us in the air (and this was way before the days of the go pro) so I only have a couple of pictures with friends right before we headed up into the air.  Susan in the first image on my left is also still a frequent traveler herself and has her own blog on traveling at This Big Wild World. I don’t remember why I was the only one stuck with a red skydiving suit.

Picture of me and my friend Susan getting ready to skydive.
The guys all suited up and ready to jump out of a plane over the great barrier reef.


My name is Don Owens and I am a Chemical Engineer, US Expat, FIRE Enthusiast, Author, and Frequent Traveler. I blog about life as an Expat in KSA, my journal toward financial independence, travel, and science.

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