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Milford sound, which is actually a fiord, is located on the south western coast of New Zealand’s South Island.  It is an approximately 4 hour bus ride from Queenstown, but well worth the trip.  We were very lucky as the skies were relatively clear the day of our visit, however the night before had brought a lot of rain which ensured lots of waterfalls during the boat tour.  If you get sea sick, as Katie does, take precautions as the tour does go out to the edge of the fiord where it is open to the Tasman Sea and the water can get a bit choppy, but lucky this part of the tour only lasts about 10-15 mins.  The remainder of the tour is within the sheltered portions of the fiord where the water is very calm and flat.  The images below were taken on June 17th 2018.

Milford Sound Waterfall


Milford Sound at Dawn
Milford Sound Waterfall
Milford Sound Waterfall
Milford Sound seal sunning on a rock


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