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During the first EID break of 2019 we decided to take a 2-week long trip to the UK to visit London, Cardiff, York, Stirling Castle, St. Andrews, Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands, and Edinburgh.  In this post I will share some pictures from our day trip to Cardiff City and Cardiff Castle.  Cardiff is the largest city in Wales and is a short 2 to 2.5 hour train ride from London depending on which train you take.  One key tip if traveling by train in the UK is to always try to book a specific seat if you can on longer train rides.  Many times, the trains are very full and those without a reserved seat might have to stand or continually be moved around the train as guests with reserved seats board at different stops.  Save yourself and family the hassle and book a specific seat when you can.

Cardiff City

The city is relatively small and touristy but they do have some unique stores and restaurants worth checking out.  The kids enjoyed the Sciencecream Ice Cream shop where they make ice cream using liquid nitrogen.  My wife also was able to pick up some Welsh Lovespoons as Christmas gifts for family back home at the gift store across from Cardiff Castle.

Cardiff City
Cardiff Shopping Galleria

Cardiff Castle

Besides the Main Range and Norman Keep buildings shown in the pictures below Cardiff Castle also has an excellent British War Museum and restored WWII air raid shelter inside the outer castle walls which should also not be missed.

Front Entrance to Cardiff Castle
Main Range Building
Banquet Room Inside Main Range at Cardiff Castle
The Main Range and Keep viewed from the Castle Outer Wall
Norman Shell Keep
Inside the Keep at Cardiff Castle


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