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These are some of my favorite images taken from around the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (aka KAUST) community over the last two years that we have been living here.

View of KAUST Marina from Building 3
Marina at Sunset
Marina and Beacon at Night
Inside the Beacon Looking Up
KAUST Harbor Walk at Night
View from Campus of the Sea Steps into the Harbor
Another view of campus from the Marina
View from Island at Sunset
Another Sunset at KAUST
Inflatables and windsurfing at the KAUST Beach
KAUST Golf Course
Gardens at the KAUST Monument
KAUST Campus in distance from the Monument Gardens
View of the Red Sea from the KAUST Monument
View of King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in distance from the KAUST Monument
KAUST Monument and Gardens during the day
KAUST Monument at Night


My name is Don Owens and I am a Chemical Engineer, US Expat, FIRE Enthusiast, Author, and Frequent Traveler. I blog about life as an Expat in KSA, my journal toward financial independence, travel, and science.

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