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These images from Petra were taken on April 1st and 2nd of 2018 during our long weekend trip to Jordan.  During this trip we also visited Amman, The Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum.  Petra is of course a must see location if you are visiting Jordan, but the only downside I saw was that it is very crowded with tourists.  One other thing to watch out for is a huge location and requires a moderate level of fitness to explore.  There is no public transportation and of course it is not very handicap accessible.  There are some locals that will provide donkey or camel rides, but the animals do not appear to be treated very well and safety on certain parts of the trails and steps was sketchy at best.  Finally it can also get quite hot during the day and shade is limited so come prepared for these factors as well, especially when traveling with small children.

The Treasury
The Monastery Building at Petra
The Market at Petra
The Royal Tombs of Petra
The Theater of Petra
Petra from Above


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