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Way back in 2002 when I was studying abroad at the University of New South Wales in Australia I lived in the beautiful little town of Coogee Beach.  This was actually my first time living abroad and I always knew it was something I would do again at some point in my life. These images were taken around February of 2002.  Recently in 2018 I travelled back to Sydney with my family and we visited Coogee beach so I could show them around and I was happy to see that the community has retained most of the same character it had over 15 years ago.  The Coogee Bay Hotel and a Fish Called Coogee are still in the neighborhood and still serving excellent beer and food.

View of Coogee Beach looking North
View of Coogee Beach looking South
Coogee Bay Hotel


My name is Don Owens and I am a Chemical Engineer, US Expat, FIRE Enthusiast, Author, and Frequent Traveler. I blog about life as an Expat in KSA, my journal toward financial independence, travel, and science.

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