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These images were taken in Sapporo, Japan during a visit for a conference in October of 2005.  During this trip I also interned at the Tokyo Women’s Medical College in Tokyo, Japan.  Sapporo is located on the north island of Hokkaido.  It is also known globally for the beer that bears the city’s name “Sapporo Beer”.  The sign was located in the hotel we were staying at and for some reason we found the misspelling hilarious and still to this day is a little inside joke between my wife and I.  No Smorking!!!

Sapporo City

Sapporo City Skyline and Mountains
Sapporo Radio Tower
Sapporo Beer Factory

Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University
Hokkaido University Buildings


My name is Don Owens and I am a Chemical Engineer, US Expat, FIRE Enthusiast, Author, and Frequent Traveler. I blog about life as an Expat in KSA, my journal toward financial independence, travel, and science.

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