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Bergen op Zoom is a small city in the south western part of the Netherlands.  I have visit BoZ on several occasions for work and below are some images from a visit on July 21st, 2013 when I had a little more free time to explore the town.

City Central Square

City Square and Restaurants in BoZ
Clock Tower in the BoZ City Square

The Gevangenpoort

The Gevangenpoort (Prison gate) dates from the 14th century and is one of the few remaining examples of a Dutch city gate as it would have appeared in the middle ages.  It was later used as a prison and is now a museum.

The Gevangenpoort is the original 14th century city gate to what is now BoZ

Bergen op Zoom City Streets

Narrow passage way through the Historic Buildings in BoZ
A small street café in Bergen op Zoom


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