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Wengen is a beautiful small town located in the Swiss Alps.  We loved Wengen so much that we visited twice, once in September 2012 and then again in Sept 2018.  One of the things that really surprised us during our second visit in 2018 was how much warmer it felt than we remembered from our visit in 2012.  Also once I got back home and compared pictures I was shocked to see how different the snow coverage was in just 6 short years.  See for yourself below in the two images taken from Wengen on the same time of the year only 6 years apart.

View of the Swiss Alps from Wengen in Sept. 2012

View of Swiss Alps from Wengen in Sept 2018

Below are some of my favorite images from our trip to Wengen in 2018 as well as a nice image from the airplane as I flew over coming back from a trip to Halle, Germany in Feb 2014.

View of Swiss Alps while flying over in 2014

Flax drying in a field in Ballenberg, Switzerland

Looking down on Wengen and Lauterbrunnen from Mannlichen


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