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These images were taken in Wadi Rum during a 4-day weekend trip we took to Jordan.  During this trip we also visited Amman, The Dead Sea, and Petra, but honestly my favorite place was Wadi Rum, which surprised me as I was most excited before leaving to see Petra and the Dead Sea.  Pictures unfortunately just can not capture how amazing this place is and its something that can really only be fully apricated in person.  After visiting I can see why movies like The Martian, Prometheus, and Lawrence of Arabia were all filmed here.  Finally if you visit I highly recommend spending the night in one of the overnight options.  We did the Bedouin camp option and loved it.  A very unique and amazing experience for the whole family and the stars at night when the sky is clear are breathtaking.

Wadi Rum Desert

Me standing on top of one of the rock formations

Wadi Rum Sand Dune and Vista

Wadi Rum Vista
Rock Bridge
Rock Cliffs and Desert
Sunset in Wadi Rum
Red Rocks during Sunset in Wadi Rum
Sunrise in Wadi Rum
Camels and Cliffs at Dawn in Wadi Rum

Bedouin Camp

Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum
Man walking his Camel
Canyons and Camels
Camp Fire
Chicken, Lamb, and Vegetables slow cooked over coals in the sand.
Cliffs backlit by full moon
Traditional Bedouin Music


My name is Don Owens and I am a Chemical Engineer, US Expat, FIRE Enthusiast, Author, and Frequent Traveler. I blog about life as an Expat in KSA, my journal toward financial independence, travel, and science.

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