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Taupo is a really pretty small lake town in the middle of the North Island.  We stopped there for a quick lunch on the drive from Rotorua to Wellington which takes around eight hours to complete.  We ate at nice little café facing the lake but the kids saw the McDonalds with an old airplane in the parking lot so we forced to stop and check it out.  The airplane itself is converted on the inside to an extra seating area and is a little cramped, but certainly a fun and quirky feature that small children (and some adults) will enjoy.  We also captured the ubiquitous #Love “insert city/town name” sign as well as the massive Mount Tauhara rising in the distance behind the lake.  We were just passing through and only spent maybe an hour total in Taupo, but like much of New Zealand it really deserved more time and could be a destination all on it own.  Maybe next time.  These images were taken on June 14th 2018.

McDonald’s Airplane Restaurant
World's Coolest McDonalds
World’s Coolest McDonalds
Taupo lake with Mount Tauhara rising in the background


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