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This is a collection of images taken during two separate long weekend trips to Dubai.  In Saudi Arabia there is a work holiday in September for Saudi National Day.  So we have a long weekend available and typically fly over to Dubai since it’s only a two hour flight from Jeddah.  Our first trip was on Sept 23rd – 25th of 2017 and the second trip was September 20th – 22nd of 2018.

Burj Khalifa

Top of the Burj looking down

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Fountain
Dubai Mall Art
Spices available for sale at the Spice Souk

Palm Atlantis

Palm Atlantis Dubai
View of the Front of Palm Atlantis from the Beach
Atlantis Pool with Downtown Dubai in distance
Beach at the Palm Atlantis
Kids Water Park at the Palm Atlantis
Large Glass Sculpture in the main lobby of Palm Atlantis

Dubai Desert Safari

We really enjoyed the Dubai Desert Safari.  You have a professional driver and they know the paths fairly well and will be more aggressive on the dunes.  Only caution is if you are prone to car sickness opt for the shorter safari.  If you are more interested in just desert scenery rather than extreme driving then I would recommend Wadi Rum in Jordan over Dubai.  Finally, for our family our favorite option is doing our own safari in the Jeddah Desert east of KAUST.

Safari in the UAE Desert
Camels to ride on the Desert Safari


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